My Biography: In reverse order

I am the founder and curator of the @lantis learning network – a free, interactive learning network.  

I publish Interactive eBooks on Communication, Information Management, Life Skills, and Spirituality.

I retired from Verizon/GTE after a thirty-five-year career in Communication and Information management.

I taught graduate-level Communication, Business, and Telecommunication courses at DeVry and Chapman College.

I have two kids

I have written multiple academic articles.  

I married Annette

My undergraduate degree is in Communication from UCLA. My graduate degree is in Communication Management from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California (USC).

I was a Chaplain’s Assistant in the Army during Vietnam.

From all these things, I developed 4 Core Competencies: communication, telecommunications, adult education, and spirituality.

My current areas of interest are:

  • Telecommunication
    • Cloud/Internet Architecture
    • Network Planning
    • Telecommunications Law and Regulation – Net Neutrality
  • Communication
    • Improving Interpersonal Communication
    • Improving Team and Organizational Communication
    • Improving Community Communication
  • Education
    • Adult Education
  • Information Management
    • Website Design
    • Information Analysis and Management
  • Business
    • Strategic Management of Technology

I am available for consultation.