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Master Life

How to Improve Decision Making by Improving Communication

How to Improve Decision Making by Improving Communication is a practical guide to help you achieve success by helping you learn to make better decisions.

This book offers you the tools to answer the most important questions you should ask before, during, and after every decision event: Helps you find out What’s Actionable? What is the reason for this decision? What am I expecting others to do as a result of this decision?

In this book I present the idea that good decisions come from good information and good information comes from good communication.

Chapters include a description of why learning is so critical for success in life and why it sometimes is so difficult. How best to set goals that are measurable and achievable. The key Communication and Information skills you need to master so you can get the best information you can. And, an entire Chapter on how to overcome some of the barriers to good communication.

Original Publication Date Dec 9, 2015

How to Build A Core Competency

Finding the Best Path to Success

How to Build a Core Competency is part of the Mastering Life series. How to Build a Core Competency suggests that an important activity to achieve success is to understand and master your “Core Competencies.”

Core competencies are your fundamental strengths and skills that you use to succeed in whatever you’re doing.

I offer three tests here to help you identify your core competencies: 1) difficult to imitate, 2) provide value, and 3) can apply to a wide range of situations.

I also offer tips on how to go though the process of identifying your core competencies.

By mastering core competencies you should be able to gain a solid reputation and recognition. Using and leveraging core competencies should provide the best chance for a your continued growth and help you thrive in the 21st Century.

Original Publication Date Dec 20, 2015

The 7 Pillars of Success

The 7 Pillars of Success is my attempt to help you focus your energies in the most productive ways by describing the things I focus on.

I have found that “Opportunity most often knocks very softly.” To exploit the opportunities that present themselves, you need to pay close attention to the things around you as you move through the world. Once you attend to the things around you, you have to exert the energy to actually build the skills you need to succeed.

This short Book describes 7 foundational “Pillars” of success that I attend to:
– Propensity – Talent
– Persistence – Not Giving Up
– Providence – Luck,
– Passion – Desire
– Perspiration – Hard Work
– Perspective – Honesty
– Predictability – Trust

Last Updated – May 13, 2017

Master the Internet

Interactive Guide to Building a WordPress Website

This Interactive Guide to Building A WordPress Website is intended to help the beginner and the expert build effective WordPress Websites.

4 Reasons you’ll love this Interactive Guide: 1) Beginner Friendly and easy to follow, but a lot of great tips for advanced Internet users with very detailed and comprehensive information, 2) Up-to-date, we update this Interactive Guide on a regular basis to keep up with the latest web and Internet design trends, 3) Step-by-step guide to get your first website up and running in around an hour, 4) Free Support – We are open for questions. We will be happy to help.

The Chapters include, Foundational Skills, things to do to prepare to build the site, how to install WordPress, what Settings to set, how to handle Users, what Plugins to install and why, what Pages, Posts, and Media do and how to create and manage them, appearance – Widgets & Menus, Security, Finishing touches, how to maintain your site, how to improve performance, how to understand and use analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing.

This Interactive Guide to Building A WordPress Website is interactive because it has links to various media and Internet content.

Last Updated Jan, 10, 2018

The Beginners Alphabet of the Internet

The Beginners “Interactive” Alphabet of the Internet is a fun way to introduce some basic Internet words to the beginner. This book includes interactive games and links designed to be read and played with an adult and child together.

This book is intended to help parents and teachers introduce the Internet to children in a healthy and engaging way.

In today’s hyper-connected world kids are getting online at ever earlier ages. Understandably many parents want to make sure that the Internet is a safe place for their kids. Developing an understanding of basic Internet terms is useful for any parent who wishes to understand their children’s world and is looking to help their kids move into the connected world with the necessary tools to thrive.

This fun, Interactive, and easy to read Alphabet book is intended to accomplish three things at the same time: 1) introduce your beginning reader to important Internet Terms, 2) help your child learn to read, and 3) provide an opportunity to bond with your child by reading together.

This book can also be helpful for the beginning Internet user of any age. Chances are many people use Internet terms without being aware of what they really mean. This beginners interactive book is intended to provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with some of the basic terms that are used all the time.

So, whether you are new to the world of Internet or just want to review some of the basics, we’ve collected a few fundamental terms related to the Internet that you may find interesting and helpful.

Last Updated May 14 2017

The 5 Ages of Information

Why the Internet Is a Tipping Point in Our Communities

Description Understanding what Information is and how to use it is a critical skill if you ever hope to Master the Internet.


This book lays out the reason the 21st Century is different than any other time in history by describing the 5 Ages of Information; 1. Story Telling 2. Cave Paintings 3, Alphabet 4. Printing Press 5. The Internet.


This book also describes the 6 tests that I use to divide the different ages: 1) Does the information persist over time? 2) Is the information mobile? 3) How much information can be communicated over a specific amount of time (Bandwidth)? 4) Is the information “Duplicable?” 5) How many publishers are there? 6) Who controls information.


Master Travel

Spiritual Travel

Spiritual Travel Tips is a practical interactive travel guild designed to help you find the spiritual forces around you.

Spiritual Travel Tips focuses on how to listen for the still small voices of the spiritual forces that surround us. Once those spiritual forces are heard, this interactive guide will help you overcome your personal barriers preventing you from connecting with those forces.

Spiritual Travel is also a guide book to some of the places that appear to have a concentration of spiritual forces.

Last Updated – April 2017

Original Publication Date Dec 26, 2015

Smart Travel Tips

Smart Travel Tips is a practical interactive guide to help you make the most of your Travel time and Dollars.

I’m applying my 50 years of travel experience to help you travel better. I provide you with a smart planning structure that helps you set a goal and achieve that goal.

Chapters include: Quick Tips, Smart Photography Tips, Smart tips for Sydney Australia, New Zealand, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Last Updated May 7, 2017

Original Publication Date May 5, 2016