@lantis Learning Treads

Broad Curriculum Threads to help you master the Skills you need to thrive in this 21st Century Hyper-Connected Information age.

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Foundations of Communication

The Communication Process: Perception, Meaning, and Identity.  Communication research and inquiry.  Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication, Listening, Mediated Communication.

Business Communication

Decision Making, Entrepreneurship, Improving Teamwork, Building Consensus, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Strategic Management, Workforce Development

Communication and Information Theory

Claude Shannon, Alan Turing, Benjamin Bergen, George Lakoff, Drew Weston, Wilber Schramm, Gregory Batson, Paul Ekman, 

Communication Economics

The Economics of Communication and Information, How to Measure the Communication Sector, The Political Economy of Information, Telecommunications Economics, 

Communication Infomatics

Online communities, social media, User-generated content, Crowdsourcing, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data mining, online networks, social media tools, the use of technology in journalism.

Communication Skills

Business Communication Skills, Interpersonal Comm Skills, Intrapersonal Communication Skills, Media Literacy, Political Communication Skills.

Education and Teaching Communication

How to optimize Learning, Education and Learning Systems, How we learn.

Engineering and Science

Chemistry of Communication, Cognitive Science, Physics, Statistics & Probability.

Communication Law

Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Telecommunications Law, Net Neutrality, 


Semantics, Syntactics, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics.

Personal Development

Career Development, Parenting Communication Skills, Personal Communication.


Information Management, Information Analysis, Structure of Information, Information Gathering, Information Storage and Retrieval, Telecommunications, Digital Communication, Wireless.